To help you feel more at home when you visit us, here's a little heads up about what a typical Sunday morning service is like.  When you're a guest at Vineyard at the River, here are some things you can expect to experience during your time with us:


The usual flow of our service begins with a few songs of worship.  During this time, please feel free to sit, stand, sing along, or just listen – whatever you are comfortable with.

Inspired Admonition

During our time of worship, we often make room for people to share the things that they believe God may be saying to us: words of encouragement, instruction, and/or comfort.  All of these words will be screened by a person on our team to help determine if the messages are appropriate or applicable for this particular Sunday morning.  (You will find this person sitting all the way up front on the far-right side if you are facing the stage).


Most Sundays, we have a table in the front left side of the room that holds the communion elements.  If you have made a decision to follow Jesus, we invite you to take a piece of cracker, dip it in the juice, and serve yourself communion at any time during worship.

Once every two months or so, we have what we call our “Family Communion” service.  This is simply referring to our church family, as we want everyone to feel included.  Instead of our typical service, we have an extended time of worship, prayer, and ministry.  We have several pairs of people up front who will serve the elements to you (instead of DIY style), and they will pray for you as you take communion.  You can join any line you prefer, and when you get to the front, a couple of people will serve you.


At the conclusion of the service, we would love to have you visit our Connection Table to meet you and give you a small gift to remember us by.  You are also invited to the Social Hall around the building to the right after you exit the sanctuary.  You will be able to enjoy some coffee and donuts, get to know a few folks, or receive prayer with someone should you want it.

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